What did Paul do in Thessalonica?

Paul was known to the Church at Thessalonica, having preached there. For the most part, the letter is personal in nature, with only the final two chapters spent addressing issues of doctrine, almost as an aside. Paul’s main purpose in writing is to encourage and reassure the Christians there.

Why did Paul visit Thessalonica?

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey Upon arrival, they visited the chief Jewish synagogue for three Sabbaths explaining why Jesus is the Old Testament Savior (Acts 17:2-4); focusing on the resurrection of Christ. The apostle Paul’s mission to Thessalonica was to share with the people that Jesus was the Messiah.

What was Thessalonica like in Paul’s day?

In 168 BC, the city of Thessalonica invited Rome to take over their city and help protect it from its enemies. Rome responded positively, though granting the city considerable freedom to continue running its own affairs. Still, the church at Thessalonica had to learn to live in a Roman city.

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Where did Paul preach in Thessalonica?

For another, Acts shows Paul preaching the cross in Thessalonica prior to his going to Athens (Acts 17.3). At best one could say that Paul refocused his message on the cross after his Athens experience.

How many Sabbaths did Paul stay at Thessalonica?

They share Israel’s hope for a Messiah and the kingdom of God. At Thessalonica, Paul is able to speak in the synagogue during three Sabbaths.

What is Thessalonica called today?

Thessalonica (also Thessalonike) was an ancient city of Macedon in northern Greece which today is the city of Thessaloniki.

What was happening in Thessalonica in 50 AD?

About 50 AD, while on his second missionary journey, Paul the Apostle reasoned with the Jews from the Scriptures in this city’s chief synagogue on three Sabbaths and sowed the seeds for Thessaloniki’s first Christian church.

Who did Paul and Silas stay with in Thessalonica?

Some members of the congregation helped Paul to get to Athens, but Silas and Timothy stayed in Beroea, then later caught up with Paul in the city of Corinth (Acts 18:5).

When did Paul first go to Thessalonica?

Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians, abbreviation Thessalonians, two New Testament letters written by St. Paul the Apostle from Corinth, Achaea (now in southern Greece), about 50 ce and addressed to the Christian community he had founded in Thessalonica (now in northern Greece).

What were the people of Thessalonica called?


Thessaloniki Θεσσαλονίκη Saloniki
Demonym(s) Thessalonian, Thessalonican
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
• Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal codes 53xxx, 54xxx, 55xxx, 56xxx
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What is the meaning of Thessalonica?

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Thessalonica is: Victory against the Thessalians.

What was the first letter Paul wrote?

I Corinthians The First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, probably written about 53–54 ce at Ephesus, Asia Minor, deals with problems that arose in the early years after Paul’s initial missionary visit (c. 50–51) to Corinth and his establishment there of a Christian community.

How did Paul and Silas meet?

Silas was selected by Paul to accompany him on his second mission after Paul and Barnabas split over an argument involving Mark’s participation. It was during the second mission that he and Paul were imprisoned briefly in Philippi, where an earthquake broke their chains and opened the prison door.

Who wanted the gift of the Holy Spirit with money?

Simon, according to the New Testament account in Acts of the Apostles 8:9–24, after becoming a Christian, offered to purchase from the Apostles Peter and John the supernatural power of transmitting the Holy Spirit, thus giving rise to the term simony (q.v.) as the buying or selling of sacred things or ecclesiastical

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