Who is older Socrates or Jesus?

Socrates was born before Jesus. He was born around 470 BC in Alopece, outside of Athens. Christ was born in 1 AD in Nazareth, Galilee. So Socrates was born before Jesus.

Who studied with Plato for 20 years?

Aristotle arrived from northern Greece to join the Academy at age 17, studying and teaching there for the last 20 years of Plato’s life.

Who lived first Plato Socrates Pythagoras Paul?

All three of these men lived in Athens for most of their lives, and they knew each other. Socrates came first, and Plato was his student, around 400 BC. The Athenians voted to kill Socrates in 399 BC.

Did the Apostle Paul read Plato?

The Areopagus Speech And Its Influence: Paul never mentions Plato or Aristotle. However, in Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 17, we are told about a speech that he delivered in Athens.

Who came first Socrates or Buddha?

The Buddha is 6th century BC( some say 5th-4th Century BC, Confucius date of birth is, September 28, 551 BC ( 6th century BC ), Socrates was born 470 BC ( 5th Century ).

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Was Plato before or after Jesus?

One of the greatest thinkers the world has ever seen, he was born in 469 BC. He was a great proponent of virtue and taught about the need of having virtue in our lives. Plato was his disciple.

What were Plato’s main ideas?

In metaphysics Plato envisioned a systematic, rational treatment of the forms and their interrelations, starting with the most fundamental among them (the Good, or the One); in ethics and moral psychology he developed the view that the good life requires not just a certain kind of knowledge (as Socrates had suggested)

Who was Plato’s most famous student?

He is widely considered as one of the most important and influential individuals in human history, and the pivotal figure in the history of Ancient Greek and Western philosophy, along with his teacher, Socrates, and his most famous student, Aristotle.

What did Plato invent?

Plato invented a theory of vision involving three streams of light: one from the what is being seen, one from the eyes, and one from the illuminating source.

Who was older Aristotle or Plato?

Aristotle, a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great, was born in Stageira, Chalcidice. He studied in Plato’s Academy, where he was later taught politics and rhetoric. Plato (428-347 BC) ranks ninth.

Who taught who Socrates Plato Aristotle?

Socrates was Plato’s teacher, Aristotle learned at Plato’s Academy, and Aristotle was the well-paid tutor of Alexander the Great. In other words, the famous Greek philosophers and the famous Greek philosopher-king (of sorts) all had a student-teacher relationship.

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What did Pythagoras believe in?

Pythagoras appears to have believed that Earth is at the center of the universe. Later Pythagoreans like Philolaus disagreed. They believed that Earth and everything else, including the sun, orbit something called the central fire.

Did Apostle Paul quote Greek philosophers?

The Apostle Paul cites another Greek lyric poet in the Book of Acts. In Acts 17:26, in the same sermon mentioned above, Paul reminds the Athenians about God, saying, “For we too are his offspring.”

What did apostle Paul say about philosophy?

For, to Paul, it is faith, and not law, which effects salvation. Faith, in Paul’s philosophy, means faith in Christ. And faith in Christ means faith that the universe is, at heart and center, good. The proof of the goodness of ultimate reality is to be found in the death of Christ.

How did Greek philosophy influence Christianity?

As Christianity spread throughout the Hellenic world, an increasing number of church leaders were educated in Greek philosophy. Stoicism and, particularly, Platonism were readily incorporated into Christian ethics and Christian theology.

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