Who went to Macedonia with Paul?

Acts 16 is the sixteenth chapter of the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. It records the second missionary journey of Paul, together with Silas and Timothy.

Where was Macedonia during Paul’s time?

East Macedonia has a special place in the history of Christianity. It is said that, during his Second Missionary Journey, circa 50 AD, Paul the Apostle saw a vision that led him to Macedonia, so to preach the word of God and introduce the sermons of Jesus Christ to Europe.

What was the capital of Macedonia in the Bible?

The city was renamed by Philip II of Macedon in 356 BC and abandoned in the 14th century after the Ottoman conquest. Philippi.

Region Macedonia
Coordinates 41°00′47″N 24°17′11″ECoordinates: 41°00′47″N 24°17′11″E
Type Settlement
Founded 356 BC


Who went to Macedonia in the Bible?

One of these roads was called the Egnatian Way, and it passed through several towns in Macedonia visited by the apostle Paul in the New Testament as he established churches in Philippi and Thessalonica (Acts 16-17).

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Who first converted to Macedonia?

Lydia of Thyatira (Greek: Λυδία) is a woman mentioned in the New Testament who is regarded as the first documented convert to Christianity in Europe. Several Christian denominations have designated her a saint.

Where is biblical Macedonia today?

Today the region is considered to include parts of six Balkan countries: larger parts in Greece, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria, and smaller parts in Albania, Serbia, and Kosovo. It covers approximately 67,000 square kilometres (25,869 sq mi) and has a population of 4.76 million.

Did Timothy visit Macedonia?

Timothy became St Paul’s disciple, and later his constant companion and co-worker in preaching. In the year 52, Paul and Silas took Timothy along with them on their journey to Macedonia. When Paul went on to Athens, Silas and Timothy stayed for some time at Beroea and Thessalonica before joining Paul at Corinth.

What are the churches in Macedonia?

List of churches in North Macedonia

  • Diocese of Skopje. 1.1 Northern Skopje. 1.2 Southern Skopje.
  • Diocese of Kumanovo and Osogovo.
  • Diocese of Tetovo and Gostivar. 3.1 Tetovo.
  • Diocese of Debar and Kičevo.
  • Diocese of Prespa and Pelagonija. 5.1 Bitola.
  • Diocese of Strumica.
  • Diocese of Bregalnica.
  • Diocese of Povardarie.

Are Macedonians Christians?

Christianity is the major religion in North Macedonia but also there are several other religious communities which develop relations of mutual respect and tolerance. Mainly the people are of Orthodox affiliation, followed by the members of Islam, then Catholicism and others.

What was Greece called in biblical times?

The related Hebrew name, Yavan or Javan (יָוָן), was used to refer to the Greek nation in the Eastern Mediterranean in early Biblical times.

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Where is Galatia today?

Galatia (/ɡəˈleɪʃə/; Ancient Greek: Γαλατία, Galatía, “Gaul”) was an ancient area in the highlands of central Anatolia, roughly corresponding to the provinces of Ankara and Eskişehir, in modern Turkey.

Where is Macedonia?

Location: North Macedonia is situated in Southeastern Europe, bordering Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south, Serbia and Kosovo to the north, and Albania to the west. Area: 25,713 sq. km.

What is the significance of Macedonia?

Macedonia briefly became the largest empire in the world under the reign of Alexander the Great in the fourth century B.C. Since the formation of the Republic of Macedonia in 1991, Macedonians and Greeks have sparred over which country gets to claim the history of ancient Macedonia as its own.

Where was Paul and Silas jailed?

Paul and Silas were in Philippi (a former city in present-day Greece), where they were arrested, flogged, and imprisoned for causing a public nuisance.

What country is Thessalonica in?


Thessaloniki Θεσσαλονίκη Saloniki
Country Greece
Geographic region Macedonia
Administrative region Central Macedonia
Regional unit Thessaloniki


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