Who is Pastor Herman Murray?

Apostle Herman Lobias Murray, Jr., is the pastor of the Full Gospel Holy Temple Church Headquarters of Dallas, Texas, and the Presiding Bishop /Overseer of the Full Gospel Holy Temple Churches, Incorporated. He carries a powerful mandate of God in this 21st Century to boldly win souls for Christ.

Who is Pastor Herman Murray parents?

Born on January 19, 1932, in Henderson, Texas, to the late Simon and Paulene Hollis, Dr. Murray was educated in the Henderson School District. March 25, 1950, Dr. Murray married Apostle Lobias Murray, founder of the Full Gospel Holy Temple Churches, Inc.

Who is the pastor of Full Gospel Holy Temple Dallas Texas?

Herman Murray, pastor of Full Gospel Holy Temple Church.

Who is Apostle Lobias Murray?

Lobias Murray, born in 1927 to a poor farm family in East Texas, died in 2011 after he had been a community leader in Dallas for a half century as founder of the Full Gospel Holy Temple. The church began in 1961 and, at various times, had outreach ministries, radio broadcasts, a camp and a 12-grade school.

How old is Herman Murray?

Murray was the Captain of the 1936 Port Arthur Bearcats, which won the silver medal for Canada in ice hockey at the 1936 Winter Olympics. He scored five goals in eight matches at that tournament.

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Herman Murray
Born December 5, 1909 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Died November 27, 1998 (aged 88)
Position Defence

How old was Dr Shirley Murray when she died?

Dallas Religious Icon and Humanitarian Dies at Age 88: Dr. Shirley M. Murray was Co-Founder of Full Gospel Holy Temple Churches, Inc. Full Gospel Holy Temple (F.G.H.T.)

What did Dr Shirley Murray die from?

Shirley Murray’s death was likely due to a broken heart.

What year did Lobias Murray die?

Murray, who died in 2011, did much good in his life, starting the church in 1961 and growing it with outreach ministries, radio broadcasts and a school. The church website says, “Like a balm in Gilead, his message was the antidote for broken lives and wounded spirits.”

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