Prayer Chain:
The Prayer Chain is composed of a number of individuals that have agreed to pray for the needs of parishioners, their families or friends. In the case of a sudden illness or some other need, and at the request of those needing prayer, an email is sent out with the information and many people will be praying for the person in need. It is a simple but effective way to keep our community informed and able to respond with prayer or other forms of help. Many meals are distributed through the Prayer Chain.

Men’s Group:
The Men’s Group meets for lunch in the parish hall one afternoon a month. One or two of the members is responsible for a simple meal. Bad jokes and fellowship take up most of our time, but we do manage to do some business and raise money through fundraising that goes to local outreach. We also sponsor a yearly picnic and put on a nice dinner every summer for the women of the parish.


The ECW stands for Episcopal Church Women. The ECW also raises monies through fundraisers and supports a number of outreach ministries. They meet once a month and provide fellowship and leadership for the support of our parish. The ECW is a national organization with chapters in almost every parish or mission in the Episcopal Church.

The Order OF The Daughters Of The King
Daughters Of The King is a religious order of women in the Episcopal Church that do not live in community, but do make vows and practice a rule of life. “The mission of this order is the extension of Christ’s Kingdom through Prayer, Service and Evangelism.” By devotion to one another and Christ, the members of the order seek to grow in these three areas of the spiritual life during the course of their lives.

Women’s Evening Guild
Any woman of the parish or friend may attend the women’s evening guild. This group exists for fellowship, encouragement, and service. Each meeting has a time for sharing of concerns or joys, a meal, and a time of prayer and a simple teaching. They normally close their evening by praying the office of compline.

Church Yard
The Church Yard members take responsibility for seeing that our columbarium and small cemetery are managed and cared for in a careful and responsible manner. We meet as needed and help the Rector or families during a burial. The Church Yard also develops policy for the use of the columbarium.

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