The Gospel, or Good News, calls us as a people of faith to reach out in love and compassion to those around us who are in need. We take that teaching seriously at St. Bart’s and encourage our members to practice their faith by becoming involved in some form of service to the community, the poor, the lonely or imprisoned. Many of our members are leaders in the community of Estes Park in many ways. We also have a number of ways that we reach out to the world as a church body.

We currently have an outreach committee that is charged with identifying and recommending certain groups that are serving in our community, the nation or the world and could use our support. Serving on this committee is gratifying and important part of our common mission at St. Bart’s. Please consult Fr.Seth or Mr. Merle Moore for more information.

On this page you will find some ways that you can become involved with St. Bart’s in service and outreach. But don’t let our limits be your limits. If you find a significant area of service in the community or beyond, we are here to support you. The love and caring of this community has truly been felt around the world. We are excited and proud of the ways individuals from St. Bart’s are called by God to be servants of peace, reconciliation and justice.

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