Kairos is a Greek word that means “Time.” Kairos is not chronological time, but a time that is pregnant with purpose or meaning, “The time was just right.” Kairos is an international, ecumenical ministry that supports and empowers those who are incarcerated. At the heart of the Kairos ministry are retreats that are hosted inside the walls of prisons. These three-day retreats are powerful days where the love of God is experienced in wonderful ways by participants. These retreats are life changing for the team members and those who participate from the prisons. In Colorado, there are a number of facilities where Kairos is in place. Teams are created from a number of churches throughout Colorado and work together over a period of time to prepare and build community. At St. Bart’s, we are fortunate to have one of the international liaisons, who has pioneered this ministry in South America and the Dominican Republic.

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