RufIvan     The worship of our Church is one of our highest priorities and we are blessed with a beautiful liturgy that has its roots in the ancient Church. The Book of Common Prayer is our primary source for the various liturgies that we offer. For example, The Book of Common Prayer has specific services for weddings, burials, communion, baptism and so on. These liturgies, or services, were developed with great academic care, being sure that our worship reflects the best that the universal church has offered throughout her history.

One of the principles of our worship is that the entire congregation celebrates and participates. It is not a one man or woman show. Certainly there are prescribed roles for bishops, priests and deacons, but there are also important roles for all the worshipping community. The gifts and talents of all members can be called upon to enhance our common worship. By becoming a more active participant, the community is enriched, as well as the person offering their gifts to help us praise God through our liturgy.

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