Chalice Bearers & LEM

A Chalice Bearer or LEM (Lay Eucharistic Minister) is an individual who assists with the distribution of Communion during the worship service. LEMs ordinarily administer the cup (or chalice of consecrated wine) to the people during the distribution of Communion or the Eucharist.

Every Lay Eucharistic Minister should be licensed by the diocese upon fulfilling a proper training and receiving the recommendation of the Rector, or priest in charge of the parish. Lay Eucharistic Ministers provide a very important function in our worship and the ministry is open to any individual who is capable of performing the tasks assigned to them with grace and reverence. LEMs are scheduled on a rotating basis. Contact the parish office if you would like to explore the possibility of becoming a Lay Eucharistic Minister. Training and support are provided. 970-586-4504

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