Choir & Music

Currently our choir gathers to support our worship on Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and St. Bart’s feast day. The choir works under the direction of the director of music, or a person designated by the director. We are always looking for new voices and this is a wonderful ministry to make a beautiful contribution to our common life as a worshipping community. The choir generally practices for five weeks prior to one of the dates indicated above. It is not necessary to be able to commit to all of the dates in order to be a member of the choir. If you are only able to sing for Christmas, that is fine. Many members of our congregation spend part of the year in residence and part of the year in a different location.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the choir, please contact Diane Roehl, Fr. Seth or John Breed through the church office.

In addition to our regular organists, we welcome musicians from the congregation to enhance our musical offerings. We have often included recorder, brass, timpani, and a variety of other instruments in our worship. We try to maintain a certain standard of competence in our music and invite you to explore the possibility of accompanying or offering your talents by consulting with either Diane Roehl or John Breed in consultation with Fr. Seth.

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