Reconciliation is a sacramental rite. At times, a person’s conscience may fail to find peace through the general confession that is a part of the regular celebration of the Eucharist. When this is the case, any one has  the option of seeking counsel with a priest and, if desired, may make a confession and receive absolution.

The rite of reconciliation is a sacrament of healing and forgiveness. It is a continuation of the ministry of forgivness that Jesus inaugurated in his preaching, teaching and healing. Like all sacraments, it finds its roots in the Gospels and relates directly to the ministry that Jesus enjoined upon the Apostles to bring about reconciliation and peace between all people and God.

“The content of a confession is not normally a matter of subsequent discussion. The secrecy of a confession is morally absolute for the confessor, and must under no circumstances be broken.” (Book of Common Prayer, page 446.

If you wish to make an appointment for this rite, please contact Fr. Seth. If you wish, he can also arrange for another priest to hear your confession.


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