How was God called Babalola?

He became the prophet of God in 1928 when God called him. It was while he was working as steamroller along Akure – Ilesha road in October 9th 1928 about 12.00 noon by the river Ariran that he heard a loud voice from above like the roar of thunder which called his name thrice saying “Joseph! Joseph!! Joseph!!!

Where is Babalola buried?

Joseph Ayo Babalola (25 April 1904 – 26 July 1959) was the first General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church, popularly called CAC in Nigeria. Joseph Ayo Babalola.

Joseph Babalola
Resting place Grave Prayer House Mausoleum Effon-Alaiye, Ekiti State, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Citizenship Nigerian

Did Baba Lola ever suspend?

The pastor was suspended despite denying ever touching the woman though she was very close to him like she was to every young minister around Baba. He went on to thank for God for the said minister, the safe delivery of the child and that God should keep everybody alive till the day of the child birth.

How many days did Babalola fasted?

Babalola was a man who had strange passion for prayer and through the help of the Holy Spirit, he spent a large part of his life fasting and praying. He is said to have fasted for 40 days and nights more than twice in his life.

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How old is CAC?

It was formally established in 1941 after a split from the Apostolic Church which the original Aladura organization (Faith Tabernacle) had invited to Nigeria. Its growth was led by Joseph Ayo Babalola, a road construction driver who became its founder.

Who is the general overseer of CAC?

The General Overseer of Christ Apostolic Church, Vineyard of Comfort, popularly known as CAC Agbala Itura, Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara, has revealed he is ready to remarry, two years after his wife passed on.

Did Apostle Babalola have children?

However, Ayo Babalola died on 6th, July,1959, while Dorcas died at Ilesa on December 28, 1993 and was laid to rest on January 15, 1994 behind CAC, Okesa. Before their death,their union produced four children. Presently there are two of the children of the late Apostle who are still alive.

Who baptized Joseph Ayo Babalola?

In fact, Babalola was baptised as a member of FTN by Pastor J.B. Esinsinade, also known as Shadare, in November 1929 (cf. Adegboyega 1978:21).

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