Thank you for your interest in holding your wedding at The Parish Church of St. Bartholomew the Apostle.  St. Bartholomew’s has been set aside and consecrated to the glory of God.  It is a beautiful and holy place and we ask that it be treated with respect and reverence by all who come here.  Please remember that you will be our guests and we request that our guidelines be carefully followed.  St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church is not a “wedding chapel”.  This is our place of worship; however, we choose to share our church with you for your worship service of Holy Matrimony.  We expect you to take your obligations to your wedding ceremony and marriage as seriously as we do.

The Rector and Wedding Coordinator have complete authority as to the proper use of the church for weddings.  The Wedding Coordinator, The Rev. Carolyn Wills, will schedule all weddings and will be available to answer questions during your planning process.  Several weeks prior to your wedding, you will be notified of the name of your Wedding Assistant, who is a member of St. Bartholomew’s Wedding Guild.  This person will be present at your rehearsal and wedding to represent the church, to assist the clergy and to be of help to the bride and groom and their families.  The Wedding Assistant is there to answer questions, to solve problems and to help your ceremony run smoothly.

In order to have your ceremony at St. Bartholomew’s, you must meet the following requirements:

(1) Your wedding ceremony must be performed by an ordained Christian minister.  At least two weeks PRIOR to the rehearsal date, your presiding clergy must forward a copy of his/her ordination credentials to the Wedding Coordinator (a photocopy is sufficient).  If your clergy member has questions about presiding at your ceremony, please have him/her contact the Wedding Coordinator (Carolyn Wills, 970-586-0626).  St. Bartholomew’s does not provide a member of the clergy to officiate at weddings.  Each couple must make arrangements for their own clergy and see that the clergy member supplies the necessary information to the Wedding Coordinator at least two weeks PRIOR to your rehearsal date.

(2) Each couple to be married at St. Bartholomew’s must have, as a minimum, five hours of pre-marital counseling which should include the nature, meaning and purpose of Holy Matrimony.  We encourage you to meet with the minister who is performing your ceremony for this counseling.  If that is not possible, please contact the Wedding Coordinator for other options for this counseling.  Certification in the form of a letter stating that this counseling has been received must be forwarded to the Wedding Coordinator at least two weeks PRIOR to your rehearsal date.

General Information

If you are planning on having someone who is not familiar with our pipe organ play as your organist, we would appreciate that person contacting one of our regular organists for information regarding our pipe organ.  Your musician may contact  John Breed, (970-586-2697 or Diane Roehl 970-577-9836.

Please read through the information entitled “Additional Rules, Frequently Asked Questions and Information.”  Both bride and groom should read carefully through these materials so that you are familiar with our policies for using the church.  Please read this information NOW, during your planning process and once again PRIOR to your wedding day so you are completely familiar with this information.

We congratulate you on your upcoming dedication of your lives to each other in marriage.  We look forward to helping you celebrate your wedding ceremony at St. Bartholomew’s.  Please contact our Wedding Coordinator if you have questions.

With God’s blessings,

Seth Richmond+ The Rev. Carolyn Wills
Rector Wedding Coordinator
email: revs2003@gmail.com


Please phone or email The Rev. Carolyn Wills to reserve your wedding date.   Once your date is being held, please complete the “Wedding Information Form” and return it with your initial Building Use Fee/Deposit check for $250 made payable to St. Bartholomew’s. Please do not mail the form or check to the church.  The completed form and check should be returned to the Wedding Coordinator:

The Rev. Carolyn Wills
2318 Aspen Brook Drive
Estes Park, CO  80517

Two weeks prior to your wedding, your final payment of the Building Use Fee will be due.  The final Building Use Fee is an additional $250 (for a total of $500 payment to St. Bartholomew’s).  At your rehearsal, you will owe an additional $250 (making the total cost for using the church: $750). This additional fee payable at the rehearsal is: $100 for the sexton who cleans before and after your wedding; and $150 to the Wedding Assistant.


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