Photography & Videography

for weddings at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church

Important note: Please make copies of this information to share with your photographer and/or videographer PRIOR to your wedding.  These rules apply to ‘family friends’ who are helping with photographs as well as professionals.

St. Bartholomew’s has been set aside and consecrated to the glory of God.  It is a beautiful and holy place and we ask that it be treated with respect and reverence by all who come here.  Please remember, you are a guest and we request that our guidelines be carefully followed.  Our goal is to have the weddings which are performed at St. Bartholomew’s be a sacred worship service.  The taking of flash or lighted pictures or videos during the wedding is not permitted.  Such actions distract the wedding party and the congregation and are inappropriate to the joy, reverence, beauty and worship of the liturgy.  We understand you have been hired to do a job to the best of your ability, but we hope you will cooperate with us in maintaining the reverence of this occasion.  We expect you to not be a distraction to the worship service.  We will try to be helpful to you in fulfilling your desire to preserve the memories of this wedding.

Videos and flash photos are fine at the rehearsal.  Pictures with flash are appropriate at the altar before the ceremony and after the ceremony.


Pictures with flash may not be taken in the sanctuary after the bride reaches the altar rail.  We will see that the ushers make this request of guests who arrive with cameras as well and also we will post a sign stating this.  We request that photographers do not approach any closer toward the altar than halfway down from the rear of the church during the ceremony.  Please do not approach the altar area by walking down either the center or side aisles during the ceremony even to take non-flash pictures.  Please do not plan to stand at or near or within the altar rail after the ceremony begins.  As the ceremony starts (before the bride reaches the altar rail), you may take flash pictures from the center aisle while shooting back toward the narthex/doorway as the bridesmaids and bride start down the aisle.  You may take non-flash pictures from rear of the church during the ceremony.  You may take flash pictures of the bride and groom from the center aisle as they begin to leave the altar area at the end of the ceremony (this would be during and after the traditional “kiss”).


The only acceptable place for the use of a video camera is the rear of the church.  Please DO NOT plan to set up cameras and tripods in the side aisles or within the altar area.  Please do not plan to use portable cameras within the sanctuary during the ceremony or to approach the altar down the side or center aisle.  If you feel it is necessary to video a front view of the bride and groom at the altar, you may use an unmanned camera on a tripod and shoot from our side sacristy through a slightly open door, but we have not found this to be a very suitable alternative and we do not recommend it.

Please remember: The Wedding Assistant who will be present at both the rehearsal and on the wedding day is there to represent the church and has final authority over what photography and videography may be done at the ceremony.  If you have any questions, please contact this person.

PLEASE NOTE: You may not use the property directly adjacent and to the south of the church (the pond and bridge) which is clearly marked “Private Property” of the Black Canyon Inn UNLESS you have made prior arrangements with the Black Canyon to rent this area for photographs.

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